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Non Surgical Hair Replacement 

Non Surgical Hair Replacement

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Established in 1979  we have decades of collective and comprehensive knowledge and experience  . Customer satisfaction is our top priority!

The hair replacement industry has evolved so much in the last 10 years. The days of hair pieces are over. Most people associate non-surgical hair replacement as heavy noticeable wigs or toupees. That is NOT what we offer here.

We offer a method of non-surgical grafting of hair onto your scalp. The grafts are directly placed  on  the scalp without surgery and contain 100% human hair. There is nothing between your scalp and the graft and your scalp is completely visible. 

The hair grafts that we use will accommodate any type of hair loss and any type of hair loss pattern. 

We specialize in bonding the hair so that you have  no limits on an active lifestyle .  

We specialize in what we like to call Hollywood Hair.  Our methods have been used  for years in theater and movies. It's now available for the public when done by skillfully trained technicians . We are so proud to be able to offer this service  to our clients! 

 In most cases you can walk in our studio and walk out in ONE HOUR with a full head of hair!

We also specialize in Cranial Prostises for those suffering hair loss from injury or illness.

We are a full service center and  carry a full line of hair products. 

We also carry products for those who are experiencing  hair loss in the early stages. These products have proven to be  successful in stopping premature or other related hair loss issues.

We offer exactly what the big advertised clubs do but at a more affordable price so that everyone has the opportunity to have a full head of hair. Our salon is conveniently located on Old Hammond Hwy between Millerville and O’neal. 

Privacy along with confidentiality.

We also offer 

FREE CONSULTATIONS to see if you are a candidate for non-surgical hair grafts. 

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